Field Survey  LbNA # 20559

OwnerMartini Man      
Placed DateFeb 24 2006
LocationNashotah, WI
Found By Martini Man
Last Found Jun 8 2016
Hike Distance3-5 mi
Last EditedJun 15 2016

Time: 60 - 90 minutes

Terrain: Easy to moderate (some hiking involved)

Fees: There is a day use fee of $4 per car. As of 2016 annual county park stickers can currently be purchased for $32 (residents) and $42 (out of county residents).

Comments: Be aware that in winter, there is considerable cross country skiing going on. If there is snow, it is good etiquette for hikers to stay off the groomed trails and walk on the sides.

Update: This series was released in 2006 and the trails have undergone some changes that have necessitated a re-write of the clues. Moreover, this series was originally four boxes, but two of them have gone missing and will not be replaced.


Good day class. I am all glad you were able to join me for our first field survey here at karP hatohsaN. I see everyone was able to find parking area 2 without delay…..except for you there, Martini. Anyway our task today is to attempt to collect two field specimens of our current body of study in Advanced Biology. Does anyone remember what that is? Ah, yes, Nilchian, correct. It is amphibians.

Now the path we shall take leads us in a counterclockwise manner around a lake whose name is directly related to the genus Gramineae. Most curious. Let’s begin our search.

We will start by taking this path heading westerly with the red and green markings on the post. Let’s continue west for a while.
Here’s an intersection. No, Mussman, we continue heading west through this intersection. I have led countless classes here and know where the good spots are.
Isn’t that a nice stand of birch to our left?
Now let’s check out that stone pillar on our right. Anything there, Hess? Drat, There used to be a log pile there that was a favorite place of mine to collect a specimen, but that has disappeared. Let’s move on.
Those birch on the right look a bit malnourished. Let’s stay on the green trail between the lake and the road as we move from west to south.
This is the equipment barn where we keep some of our bulkier collection machines. But we will not require them today. See the nature trail sign up ahead? Turn into this area. I am sure that there should be some good specimens in there. Take a right after turning into the area.
Stay on this trail, Paganis, unitl you reach a red #22 Go straight here and keep going, staying left at all forks.
We should soon spot some green numbers. Stay right at Green 13 and 14.
Where are we now? Oh, is that a green 20? Hmmm, we are getting to more than half done and no specimens yet. Oh, wait. Foucault, check in that fallen log up the hill on the left. That’s right, in the middle. Oh, beautiful. He’s a wriggly little Thamnophis butleri! Now let’s proceed on that ridge at 160 degrees. If my memory serves me well, we should rejoin the main green path. Take a left on it.
Ah, yes, here we are. Ladies and gentlemen, proceed at 70 degrees left at the fork in the path. That should take us a distance on the tan path. What’s that you say? Another Y? Stay to the left.
My goodness, I did not remember how these little hills in here rolled up and down. Never mind that table. We have no time to sit about. We need to get these specimens back to the lab! And stop looking at that map! I know where I am!
We’re heading up! Another table? Keep moving! Time is of the essence.
Here we are at the bottom of a hill. Hmmm…..look at that large log on the right. Is there anything inside it, Fenton? Oh yes! Look at that. You just pack that fine Chrysemys picta belli for the lab! Now let’s take this route further north. We should reach the intersection where I admonished Mussman. We head east there for our vehicles. See you back at the lab!