Sugar, Waffle or Plain?  LbNA # 20564

Placed DateFeb 21 2006
LocationGautier, MS
Found By Galileo's Dragonfly
Last Found Dec 20 2006
Hike Distance?

THIS BOX REPORTED MISSING ON 10/24/08. I have no way to check on it.

Begin by finding the Jackson County Soccer fields and Animal Shelter parking lot. It is off Rt 90 in Gautier. Park and start to count paces from the first telephone pole in the lot closest to the Stop sign. At 22 paces, a few less if you count from the orange and white post, cross the road toward the tree line. You will notice many pines here. Hop the wet spot and go into the trees 2-3 steps. On the left you will see a 'family' of pines-Papa, Mama, and Baby. Between Papa and Mama is your treasure. Re hide well since it's not too far from the road. Be careful since I expect this can be a very busy parking lot when there are games in progress. When I was there it was chilly and school was in session so the park was almost empty.
This is an orphaned box, but if there is trouble I may be able to get some help for it.
Thanks to RTRW for handing this one off to me to plant.