TTDIDWYD: #2  LbNA # 20566

Placed DateFeb 25 2006
Location???, CO
Found By ???
Last Found Jul 27 2013
Hike Distance?

Hotlink is the webpage for this series and contains info you may or may not need to solve boxes in this series.

This box is NOT actually in Denver, but is definitely in keeping with the theme of this series, and is "close enough" geographically. I just couldn’t pass up this amusing chance to place another in the series without having to wait until Halloween. Once you solve the clues, this box is a drive by.


Clues: TTDIDWYD: #2 (Full Name when you find the box)

They say grandpa’s not dead
But hanging out in a shed

Waiting for his chance to thaw
If this happens, dropping jaws!

(Process has sardonic disconnect:
Word most used is incorrect)

Until then just a bread dough
Mountain dog and pony show

Placed in time for festival number four
Sponsored (in part) by a building supply store

You must find the place he’d be instead
If they’d give him a proper eternal bed

Post on the left with back to road
Enter 24 steps to place of toad

Make angle of 90 from whence you came
Bearing 35 now the game

If grandpa melted he’d be a puddle
Anna’s east side might cause this muddle

Arboreal borealis of two good men
One a woodman, the other a veteran

Hand-carved stamp, handmade logbook with inkpad, but no pen. You may want gloves to nab this box.

A map is outside the tourist info office in town which includes the place you need to go if you need some help finding it once you get to the area.

Please rehide the box COMPLETELY hidden from view. This is the snow zone, so please rewrap contents well, make sure the box closes completely, and replace the baggie around the whole box.

Status updates and hellos always appreciated.