Flying Geese - Quilt Block Series  LbNA # 20592

OwnerLone Star Quilter    
Placed DateFeb 26 2006
CountySan Jacinto
LocationColdspring, TX
Found By Open Space
Last Found Nov 20 2011
Hike Distance?

The interesting names given to quilt block patterns are rooted deep in the history of the United States. It is easy to see the influence upon quilters of the past by studying the names that they have given to their quilt patterns. Some were given biblical names, such as Jacob's Ladder. Others came from trades, such as Carpenter's Wheel, or square dancing, like Eight Hands Around. The name of The Flying Geese block obviously came from nature, as did Autumn Leaf and Ocean Wave. Geese and other migrating birds can be seen flying north over East Texas in the springtime, and back south in the fall. Double Lake is a beautiful place for The Flying Geese to land for water and food before flying on to a far-away destination.

This letterbox is located at Double Lake Recreation Area in the Sam Houston National Forest near the town of Coldspring. From Houston, take Highway 59 to Cleveland. Take the Coldspring exit to County Road 2025 and go north about 16 miles. Look for the park entrance on your right. Go to the entry booth and pay the $5.00 day use fee.

Just past the entry booth there is an intersection. Take the road to your left and go all the way to the parking area. There will be a picnic area and a volleyball court in front of you. Just past the volleyball court you will see the path crossing the dam at Double Lake. Walk to the dam, but don't cross it. Take the Lakeshore Trail on your right, keeping the lake on your left. You will cross several footbridges on the way, but will eventually come to a boardwalk that crosses over the wetlands at the north end of the lake. There will be a Purple Martin house and a bench. Sit a spell and enjoy the view of the lake. Who knows, maybe you will see geese flying overhead. Continue on until you come to the very end of the boardwalk and stop. On your right will be a Loblolly Pine that you can almost reach out and touch. Look past that tree and just to the right of it and you will see another Loblolly Pine a few yards into the woods past the first one. Behind that tree, covered with leaves, pine needles and sticks, you will find the Flying Geese. Be discreet and take care to replace the box as you found it. RECOVER WELL. I would appreciate notification when you find this box.

Be sure to look for Boots Tex's Double Lake Letterbox while you're here.