Louisville  LbNA # 2062 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 1 2003
LocationLouisville, KY
Found By Reddie
Last Found Jul 20 2009
Hike Distance?

Rated Easy , lets get families out finding them here too.
Planted by the Stearns Family of the Cock-A-Doodle-Moo 4-H Club

In Louisville there is a beautiful park designed by Frederick Law Olmstead. He is famous for his design of Central Park, N.Y. and many others. The park is Cherokee Park. Access the park by taking Eastern Parkway from the highway to the park entrance.

Follow the park's scenic loop by car to a pointed park pavilion . Here you leave your car at the roadside parking spaces. Enter the trail behind spitting turtles. As you leave the turtles travel down the leaf strewn path at a T in the trail go left , onto a smaller trail. You will have a view of the small stream go on. You take the high road and I'll take the low road .....and instead of Scotland we come together again. I chose the low road.

At the cross paths go left and immediately right. Next comes a Y in the path ( see the road to bridge on the right) GO left. then straight at the next junction under some trailing grape vines you go. While white arrows say left you should go right. Step onto a small people only bridge. Look for R.C. your box is behind that, guarded by cement. If you followed this well you will find a Horse of Course. Stamp secretly the park is a bustling place , we were seen but by a pair of dogs! Return across the bridge and straight up the hill to the motor road. At the road turn left to return to your car. The road is one way .

Follow the motor road called scenic loop to intersection with Park Boundary road. Turn Right. Follow about 1 mile it twists and turns go slow here. When you see a bridge over a shallow river and a children's playground to the left go there and cross the bridge.
Park in the gravel parking lot. There is a walking path along the back corner stretching away with shale type cliffs to the right. In the morning the sun will rise to the left over the stream. Follow this sunny morning trail to the Y in trail keep to the right, under the cedar tree that leans and on.

At the clearing spy a large dead tree opposite the trail opening. The Sunrise letterbox in wedged in the cleft of the three trunks as they lay rotting on the ground. Be careful that you are not seen. Take the box away a bit to stamp then discreetly hide it again in the same location. We enjoyed hiding these for you while we attended the National FFA Convention 2000. FFA is the organization promoting Agriculture Education to its 450,000 members nationwide. 49,000 attended the convention. Good Luck