Emerald Island  LbNA # 20631 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateFeb 22 2006
LocationOrlando, FL
Found By Mr. Grinch
Last Found Dec 25 2010
Hike Distance?

Route 4 west to 192 west.
Between mile marker 4 and 5 is Formosa Gardens BLVD.
Turn right onto Blvd, follow until 4 way stop.
Turn right onto Funie Steed Rd.
Proceed approx ½ mile under overpass.
You will immediately see on the left the entrance to Emerald Island Resort.
Turn left into resort.
Continue straight to manned gatehouse (tell guard you are going club house).
Immediately after gate is traffic circle.
Go ½ around circle and park in club house lot.
The Nature Trail is across the street.
Go straight to where the trail splits and forms a picnic table island.
After the picnic table island, the curves slightly to the right, then slightly left, then slightly right again.
Now you will see two trees on each side of the trail. Standing between the two trees you will see a large pine tree straight ahead.
Facing the left hand tree,look between the 2 closest trees near the trail.
You should see a fallen log 25 paces from the path.
The log has a cut-out in it about ½ way down it's length. Lift out the cut-out, the log is hollow.
Here you will find the letter box.