The Wheel of the Year Series  LbNA # 20639

Placed DateFeb 26 2006
Location???, OH
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

The Wheel of the Year Letterbox Series

There is a place in the greenwood forest named for the mountain eagles home where you will find the four boxes that celebrate the turning of the year. These woods have earned a rather unsavory reputation (although I have never experienced anything untoward there). So a less adventurous traveler might take a friend….a really big friend, or one who barks loudly.

Summer Solstice – Park near the oval and find the Beechwood trailhead. Follow the trail down the hill and shortly before the bridge look on your right for a “broomstick” tree. From this tree go in a southerly direction to a 10’ stump. You will find the summer solstice celebration going on around its base. From here you may either go back up the way you came or you can continue along the trail to the right (do not cross the bridge). Both are about the same distance. When you get back to where you started, continue past the loo and the radio tower to the trail beyond them on the right.

Autumnal Equinox – From the pine on the right hand side of the trail’s beginning, go 51 paces. Perhaps a drink if you are thirsty? Continue 70 paces and look for a large fallen tree on your left. It will have a few rocks stuck into the root end. At the end away from the path, look for an opening that contains some loose bark, twigs and a piece of asphalt. The autumnal equinox is being celebrated here.

Winter Solstice – Continue to follow the trail to a circular clearing. Dance your spiral dance here. When you reach the center of the circle look for the trail at 145'. From the lintel stone across the path of this trail, go 7 paces. At about 40' and 3 paces from the trail is a small log that houses the Winter Solstice LB under some bark and another piece of asphalt. This is a new box installed to replace an old box (which will be recycled elsewhere).

Spring Equinox - Go back to the circle and dance your spiral in the opposite direction. When you reach the center this time, pull out your compass and take a reading of 260’. Head down that path 70 paces past the pine grove to a fairly large flat mossy rock in the middle of the trail. Look east for a small reddish-trunked tree with a horseshoe-shaped opening at the base perhaps 8-10 paces from the trail (i did not measure-forgive me fellow letterboxers). It may be difficult to see when the leaves are out. Behind another piece of asphalt in this opening is the spring equinox celebration.

Watch out for muggles! And if anyone knows where I can find a GOOD trail map to this place please let me know!.