The Great Race  LbNA # 20645 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateFeb 26 2006
LocationManchester, CT
Planted ByHillel    
Found By oldhounder & Siamese
Last Found Sep 17 2006
Hike Distance?

The entrance to this area is located on Garden Grove Rd in Manchester, if you do not know where this is here are directions:


From 384 East – Take exit 2, left at the top of the ramp and an immediate right onto Keeney St. Follow the below directions
From 384 West – Take exit 2, left the top of the ramp. Follow the below directions

The Below Directions – Continue down about 1 mile and you will see a few signs for the Nike area, this is Garden Grove Rd. Turn left and follow Garden Grove Rd all the way to the top. Once you are out of the residential area you will be entering the Nike Recreational Area. The second to last building on the left is a yellow building with the windows boarded up and a small sign that says “community center”. In between this building and the third to last building is a little entrance with a sign that says “Closed to the public 10pm-6am.

The race begins here. The Tortoise and the Hair both go around the gate and begin up the paved path. The hair is off to a drastic lead but is distracted by a hockey game up ahead. As he watches the game he notices the tortoise catch up and makes a U going around the hockey rink. As he continues he sees two paths ahead and decides to stay to the left there and at the near by T. While standing by a 4 trunked white birch tree he notices a baseball game up ahead on the right. In order to stay out of the way he goes about 15 feet into the woods and hides between four trees that are very close together.

Distracted by the game the hair does not notice the tortoise passing right by him. He continues down all the way passed the baseball field and hooks a right keeping the trees on his left. As the trees end he hooks a U. As he reaches the corner of the fence he notices the corner is open and crosses through here. He admires how nicely the fence is stopping the hill from collapsing and how and how it is building up along the other side of it. As he continues down he notices a section of the fence has given away and the hill has come through there. Worried about the hill falling, the tortoise goes to a fallen tree just up ahead and hides under some bark and rocks.

Once realizing he will be ok he decides to go back the way he came and passes back by where the tortoise is hiding. Both from here are neck and neck. After meeting back up with the hair they both take a left at the Y and continue through the opening and turn left back onto the left. Once they reach the pull for the stadium lights they make a quick right and there is a the finish line right there on the right. As they both jump over the fallen log the flag is waived representing the end of the race.

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