Crash At Crush  LbNA # 20664

OwnerBlue Butterfly      
Placed DateMar 4 2006
LocationRusk, TX
Found By topcrop
Last Found Nov 18 2012
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Placed by: Blue Butterfly
carved by: PSGuru

By 5 p.m. the afternoon of September 15, 1896, nearly 50,000 people had gathered anxiously on a wide stretch of Texas prairie near Waco. Moments later, they watched two 35-ton locomotives, each pulling seven boxcars, collide head-on at a combined speed of 120 miles per hour. The publicity spectacular was staged at Crush, Texas, a short-lived town established just for the occasion. Organizer for the event (and namesake for the town) was William George Crush, a passenger agent for the Missouri, Kansas & Texas Railway Company, commonly known as "the Katy." For more info and pictures about this event, visit:

Directions: This box is located at Rusk State Park, Rusk, Tx. For directions, visit:

To the Box:

1. As you entering the park, you will see a small parking lot on the left side of the road. You can park here and walk to the Nature Trail. Go left as you leave the parking area to the trail head.

2. Starting at the sign that reads: Sweet Gum, continue on the trail until you see a small bench on your left.

3. Take 28 steps from the bench to a trio of large trees on your right. There is a sign there that reads Yaupon. Go off the trail just past the trees.

4.Directly behind the trees 13 steps is a tall pine tree. The box is behind the tree at it’s base. Watch out for snakes. Please re-cover well and let me know the status of the box.