We Wouldn't Bluff You  LbNA # 20673

OwnerCreek View Two      
Placed DateMar 5 2006
LocationHot Springs, NC
Found ByMartini Man
Last UpdateOct 30 2008


From Hot Springs take 209 south. It's a nice drive past the U.S.F.S. campground and overlooks. Approximately 3.4 miles past the campground is a chance to bone up on your boxing skills. Take a left punch, proceed onward but don't cross that bridge when you come to it. Park and enjoy the sounds of the creek then follow the trail most traveled about 110 paces. Hoist up over the piney route and keep to the right about 40 paces. Stop at the rockin spot and take a peek at the falls. Look under the tallest tree and there's the Bluff your waiting to see.