Aesop’s Fables; Book One  LbNA # 20680

Placed DateFeb 5 2005
LocationFulton, MO
Found By Jenny J
Last Found Feb 26 2006
Hike Distance?

Aesop’s Fables; Book One

Unfortunatly this LB was short lived. Had the stone been replaced this LB would have lived a long and busy life. I'll replace it soon and post when it is ready for business again.

The small wooded ravine mentioned in this clue is an excellent place for birding. Keep your eyes open during the winter for Cardinals and Chickadees.

From Hwy F west of Fulton take county road 323 south until it Ts. At the T go left and it will T again. Go right then make a quick left onto county road 315. Stay straight through several sharp turns until you find a lone parking lot with gate in wide open country. If you find the entrance to the Carrington Pits, you have somehow missed it. Park and enter the large rolling field through the wooden self-closing gate. From the gate travel on a
bearing of 250° to a small, charming, wooded ravine. Follow the ravine down until you find an old fenced in coral of sorts. Find the first post you come to (wooden corner post, northern most of all others). Begin counting this post and continue down the ravine (with drainage on your right and fence on your left) until you reach the 18th post which has a large cedar growing just prior to it. From the post follow a bearing of 250° across the ravine to a downed log just inside the brush. Find the hollow end on the west side with a guardian rock
inside. Remove the guardian and find your story here. Once finished, please replace the LB then the guardian stone deep within the log.

Please be discrete in your LB and prudent in your re-hideation and contact me after your find.


*Second Annual Mid-MO Spring LB Gathering is fast approaching on May 6th. for more information contact me or take a peek at two articles on C2B2's blog.