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denali katahdin boyz  LbNA # 20684

Placed DateMar 4 2006
LocationYarmouth, ME
Planted Bydenalikatahdinboyz    
Found By phynstar
Last Found Jul 4 2011
Hike Distance?

This letter box is in Pratts Brook Park. Note the kangaroo mailbox before you park on Berryfeild Rd>

Enter the berry field with pond on your right
Search by day, not by night
Go down the bear trail past the owl box on right
Made by kids for owls in flight
Check if there's an owl on the prowl

Down the Bear trail, here we come
Cross where the troll lives, but don't be dumb
After the bridge, take the first right
Keep going and you won't fail
If you stay on the Deer trail

Look for a trail markers & map on the left side
Opposite that is where snowmobiles ride
Take that track, 40 steps back
And look for a white pine on your right side

You're really close now, turn to the pine
Look straight ahead at a 4-trunked tree
Nestled in the middle a treasure you'll find
Stamp, sign and leave it be!!
Thanks for rehiding it in the same tree

From the Denali Katahdin Boyz aka Peter & William