Pole from a Bank  LbNA # 20694

Placed DateMar 5 2006
LocationBattle Ground, WA
Found By dustbunnies
Last Found Jun 14 2008
Hike Distance?


Terrain: Dirt trail
Distance of walk: 0.6 mi rt
Elevation: 0’
Wheel chair friendly: no
Hitchhiker friendly: no

Getting you close:
From Battleground, WA drive west SR-502 to 92nd Ave, going North. Continue a couple miles until you come to a large wide ‘T’ intersection, take a right. Very soon on the left enter the “Daybreak Boat Launch” and park.

The Box:

Walk down river, through the fence, at the provided opening. Follow the dirt trail passing the large lone fir far at your left. The box will be at a location where the lone fir will be at 74°. Please be discrete as there are fishermen working from the river. On the opposite side of a ‘man made tree’ from the River you will find the box under a flat triangular river rock. Please hide well, Thank you.