Puzzled  LbNA # 20723

OwnerBlue Frog    
Placed DateMar 7 2006
LocationBainbridge, OH
Found By KingFish
Last Found Jul 19 2008
Hike Distance?

This box was placed by Bluefrog and Liquid Chaos ( my new letterboxing buddy he has found 69 boxes in just a week!! as of this date) We happened upon this cemetery totally by accident and he suggested hiding one here and he even picked the hiding place, so this is also his first placing.

Clues:This is an extremely easy find ...very kid friendly, so why not let them find it. You will have to start at Pike Lake State Forest, find the first sign for LB camping which is the same sign that you use to find my other box autumn leaves and follow the signs up the road towrds LB camping. After you pass the second sign, which when you see it you will be turning left at that sign a little ways down the road you will see an old cemetery on your right. There in the cemetery you will see 3 cedar trees in a line, stand behind the middle one and slightly to your left you will see a large 2 trunked tree, go and stand in front of it take a reading of 180 degrees, in that direction you will see a large stump. Take a look in the large hole in top.