Five Star Drinks: Tension Tamer  LbNA # 20747

Placed DateJan 30 2006
LocationFulton / Carrington, MO
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

Box #2 confirmed in place, May 19, 2013. Both boxes confirmed in place 05-16-11.

This LB is part of the nine-box "Five Star Drinks" series. For a full explanation of the series, see "Five Star Drinks: Herbal Tonic."

Compass: Recommended, not required.
Ink: Bring your own ink. I recommend yellow, green, black and brown.
Paces: One pace = two steps.
Length/ Difficulty/Terrain: Total length ¼ mile; terrain is flat and consist mostly of fields. Watch for ticks and chiggers.
Other: If you’ve tried other LB’s in this series, and have been distraught at the difficulty of the clues or length of hikes, you’re in luck. Though there’s a bit of double and triple trouble, this one is designed to ease any tension you may have, even if you have math anxiety. If you have a map and a good dictionary, this one’s a picnic (and you may wish to bring one as well, a picnic that is, not a dictionary). Map is optional, but a good one can be purchased for $6.00 from the Cedar Creek Ranger District just west of Fulton, MO on Hwy H.

Hint: If you don’t have a good enough dictionary, look at one online.

CLUES: From Hwy 54 in Fulton, MO take Rt. H about five miles west to Carrington.
Turn right (north) on XXX,
Turn left (west) on YYY,
Turn right (north) on ZZZ.
Park at yellow and brown sign for RPx2 in MTNF. Read signs.

XXX = 5 x 5 x the number you’re afraid of if you’re triskaidekaphobic.

YYY = 2 x the number of the state highway that runs through Rock Bridge Memorial State Park (RBMSP)in Columbia, MO.

ZZZ = 3 x 3 x the magic number 37.
Why is 37 a magic number? Multiply it by 3 and any single digit and see what happens.

Go thru gate. Turn left and follow fence line north then east. When you see a good place for a picnic, climb over wooden gate. Update 4/3/2011: picnic tables have been reported removed, but you should see a gravel parking area where they were. Go through next gate and turn right. Follow fenceline and head a few hundred feet east toward barn (UPDATE: 1/7/07 The barn mentioned in the clue has since been torn down, but if the grass is not too tall, you should be able to see remnants of the wooden posts). From barn, continue in same direction and follow fenceline to large cedar. Behind the cedar is a standing tree with a hollow base. Letterbox inside. Bonus box is nearby in another hollow base. I recommend discreetly stamping in at the picnic area. Please re-hide well to prevent theft, vandalism, animal mischief, or forces of nature from destroying the box, then please use the "contact the placer" link to let me know of your adventures.

If you would like a cipher-lesson plan that explains how to decode many of the ciphers used in mid-Missouri letterboxing, please e-mail me using the "Contact the Placer" link.