Hay Creek Hybrid  LbNA # 20750

OwnerSD Kids    
Placed DateMar 10 2006
Found By SDGP
Last Found Oct 12 2009
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In the late 1890’s Hay Creek was the water source for the pleasure lake and flour mill which were located at the site of Herman Park. A dam was put above the railroad bridge and a lake was created. In June 1897 Belle Fourche was the host city to the reunion of Civil War soldiers and sailors; the celebration lasted three days. During this celebration a flash flood occurred and the dam washed out. The origin of Hay Creek is in the Wyoming Bear Lodge Mountains; when there is heavy snow melt and spring rains this creek shows its power.

Following the 1897 calamitous flood Tom O’Day, Walter Puteney, and their outlaw pals attempted to rob the Butte County Bank. Three of our historical sources informed us that in the year of 1889 Tom O’Day, Walter Puteney and the Sundance Kid were placed on trial in Deadwood for this crime, however one of the cachers provided us with a Butte County court document which states that the trial for these bank robbers took place in Belle Fourche and the Sundance Kid was not at this trial.

The Hay Creek area is upriver from the Herman Park site. The ladies at the Tri State Museum informed us that this place is a park for the kids and it has no name.
Clues: In Belle Fourche begin your journey on the south east part of 5th Ave. North of the Hay Creek bridge turn east at the green community sign and you will find a parking place by a Lamar advertising sign #80378. Begin the walking tour south on the concrete path. As you descend down the path you will need to watch for the bridge railing on the highway. Where the bridge railing begins on the highway you will need to turn left from the concrete path to the Russian Olive tree. Under this silvery tree and within a white circular object there are two small plastic boxes. One is a cache container and one is a letter box. The letter box contains a rubber stamp and a guest book. Please bring an ink pad for the stamp. Because the ammo box with the Hay Creek cache and letter box disappeared we have moved the cache hybrid to this location in a different container. It is in a very public area; patience and discretion is necessary. Since there are no park benches you may want to take the containers to your vehicle to log and stamp the books. Please place the containers back where you found them. Thanks, and have a great letterboxing day!
During Mosquito season you may wish to protect yourself.