Xi-Ca-Yo  LbNA # 20780 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMar 12 2006
LocationNacogdoches, TX
Found By Crazy Daisy
Last Found Dec 23 2006
Hike Distance?

Box is confirmed missing. I will try to replace it as soon as I can, but it will probably be awhile.

Sorry. : (

DIFFICULTY: moderate (wet and messy, walking in slow-flowing creek, usually shallow, but sometimes as much as waist deep)

RISK: USE CAUTION! RISKY AREA! There are snakes and other wild friends. This box might be best to do in cooler months, when the creek is lower and the snakes are less active. Water moccassins are dangerous and aggressive, so be alert. I have been to this creek many times and I have never actually seen a snake, but other people searching have told me that they did see two big snakes.

There is also definitely broken glass from beer bottles left in the area, as well as smooth rocks with algae on them -- slippery! Please wear your old creek shoes for protection from glass and pokey rocks, and preferably your shoes that still have some tread left on them, because the rocks are slippery. Also, this is NOT a good box to try to find right after it rains, because the creek will be high. Use your good sense!

HELPFUL NOTE: There is not a stamp pad in the box, so be sure to take your own with you.

Despite all these cautionary notes, the creek is a very pretty place -- hope you'll enjoy it. : )


In the city of Nacogdoches, head west on Rusk Street (near the McDonald’s on North Street). This street is only about two blocks long and dead ends where the old Animal Shelter used to be – there is a small parking area available.

Walk behind the orange and white vehicle barrier, about ten steps. On your right is the beginning of a trail into the woods. Follow this trail down to Banita Creek.

When you get down to the creek, start walking downstream (turn left). Continue until you find a large black pipe across the creek (about 20 minutes walking time in the creek, depending on your speed). My friend Enaj says, “tap the pipe twice, lest the letterboxing demons come upon you!”

Continue walking down the creek, about 10 more minutes. After awhile, you will notice the roof and walls of a large metal building that you can see through the trees ahead of you (on the left bank). If you pass this building, you went too far. If you pass a large group of buildings, that is too far. If you pass a road over the creek, that is way too far.

As you notice the first large building, start to keep watch on the right side of the bank, for a smaller creek that feeds into Banita Creek. When you locate this creek, turn and walk up that creek.

After a few minutes, you will find another large black pipe across this smaller creek. Enaj says, “tap the pipe twice, lest the letterboxing demons come upon you!” Keep going past this pipe.

After a very few minutes, you will come to an area with two large concrete culverts sitting side by side, in the right bank of the creek. Climb up on top of these culverts and sit facing the creek, looking back the way you came, so you can have a short rest.

As you are looking back up the creek, let your gaze travel to your left, and you will see a tree with three trunks. At first glance from this angle, it might look like only two trunks, but a closer inspection will confirm if you have the correct tree.

Go to that tree, stand with your back to the back of the trunks, facing directly away from the trunk and looking into the wooded brush. Walk about 20 steps straight ahead (as best you can) and you’ll find a double trunk tree.

The letterbox is at the base of that double trunk tree, on the back side, covered with branches and leaves.

Thanks for looking!