Wagons West  LbNA # 20804

Placed DateMar 12 2006
LocationBoise, ID
Found By uneksia
Last Found Sep 12 2010
Hike Distance?

Not so long ago, on the sage-covered plains that compose much of Idaho, crossed pioneers who were looking for something more... something "better?", something different. Many were true pioneers in spirit as well as physical definition, as they had to weather many hardships that even they, prior to departing their likely HEARTLAND homesteads, wouldn't have expected to encounter nor endure.

There is a great young-persons' book called "Rachel's Journal", by Marissa Moss. It is a wonderfully descriptive "journal"[fictional, but based on facts] which reads easy and has the ability to really take the reader back into some of the experiences on the Oregon Trail.

Speaking of the Oregon Trail, let us get back to the matter at hand, shall we?

There is an "Oregon Trail Reserve" sponsored by the City of Boise Parks and Recreation. Find yourself at the WHITMAN TRAILHEAD parking area, E. Lake Forest Drive.

1. Check a map and walk from the parking area NORTH to the "Whitman Trail Overlook"
2. Once there, take in the scenery. Take a moment to imagine yourself there before ALL THE "DEVELOPMENT" that lies before you currently. What would the Native Americans have thought? The Pioneers? Quite a different reality from back then.
3. Stand in the pebbly pavement circle in the middle of the overlook 'patio'
4. SIX steps SOUTH of the circle.
5. TWENTY-EIGHT steps WEST, along a social trail near the bluff.
6. THREE paces NORTH to the cliff edge.
7. LOOK DOWN (Obviously). You will notice below you a definite separation of the eroding columnar basalt where there is an appx. 2' deep crevice that runs along the cliff. Notice at the bottom of a crevice (about 6-8" wide) there is a pile of 3 smaller chunks of basalt.
8. There is a WAGON that didn't make it all the way WEST.
9. Happy Hunting!

*Year round accesibility
*As is par for the desert course, please use caution in this type of location due to use of snake habitat (although we didn't see any when placing it, the location is pretty serpent friendly)
*Please re-cover well! This appears to be near a likely hang out for young people
* This is one of two in our continuing "Oregon Trail Series"...
* Check out "Kelton Ramp" letterbox less than 2 miles away!