Poetry in Motion: Quest #2 ***RETIRED***  LbNA # 20828 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMar 9 2006
LocationDavenport, IA
Found By CF Boxers
Last Found May 26 2007
Hike Distance?

Poetry in Motion – Quest #2

I've adopted this letterbox and the clues from Janene. It has a hand carved stamp, but bring your own ink pad.

The quest begins at the Duck Creek Golf Course in Davenport, IA. To get there, take I74 and get off on Middle Road going west. Middle Road turns into Locust after the Kimberly Rd. stop light. Go down about ½ mile til you see the sign for the Duck Creek Golf Course and Park.. Follow the road up to the Golf Course and park in the lot.

This quest should take you 30 minutes or so. Have a great time!


With the golf club to your right
And the cars to your back
You’ll see the first tee
To be on the right track.

Just stay along the trees
They’re on the left as you go down
Be mindful of the players-
Please don’t be a clown.

When you are at the bottom,
Little black bumps can be seen.
Follow them along the curve
‘Til there’s something big and green

The big sign will direct you
To stroll a little bit
So just walk on the path
Until you’re told to quit.

See the gray house on your left,
Then a place to take a seat
On your right a little dam
Made of stone, (kinda neat)

When the left hill levels out
(See the playground above?)
There’s a yellow field you play in
If you have a bat and glove.

Just go between the two of them,
The playground and the field,
And head up to the asphalt.
With cars make sure to yield.

Through the parking lot you’ll go
Heading up and to the right.
You’ll count five sewer grates
And baseball in your sight.

19 little black bumps
Will tell the cars to stop.
But you will keep on going
You can walk or you can hop.

Pass the courts on your left.
Soon there’ll be just trees.
You’ll spy a little drain pipe
Then a break between the leaves.

Pass through this tree-lined path
In the middle of the wood.
‘Til you find an open deck
Which two trees in center stood.

Some cobble stones you’ll find
Use their placement as a guide
Pretend the pathway is extended
Then hit full stride.

Walk along the grass until
The left’s last big tree
Then look around for benches
Around 11 o’clock, you see?

Go straight to the benches
Then under the white do head
Look down to see in front of you
A walk outlined in red

Follow the path, go where you wish
I really do care not.
All I wish is that you stop
Once you hit the lot.

From the lot look to the north,
A simpler walk you’ll see.
Take it, then go cross the street.
A building there will be.

This is where it’s hidden.
Do you need a lamp?
Just look underneath
The word that rhymes with camp.