Boyden Stream Letterbox  LbNA # 20829

OwnerWoodland Gnomes    
Placed DateMar 20 2006
LocationPerry, ME
Found By Gingaroo
Last Found Aug 8 2008
Hike Distance?

Directions to the Pottle Tree Farm: The tree farm is located at 507 Southmeadow Road in Perry, Maine. From Route 1 North take the left hand turn just before the Perry Farmers Union store. This is Southmeadow Road. The tree farm is 2 1/2 miles from this turn. At the split in the road take the left hand fork, Southmeadow Road, look for the signs for the tree farm on your right. Park anywhere where you are not blocking the driveway to the house or barn.

Clues: Boyden Stream Trail: 1..Start at the medicine wheel located to the right of the house. 2..Take the trail, the continuation of the driveway, that leads past the barn into the woods. NOTE: While you're looking for the letterbox please take the time to read the many signs that you will pass that describe the features of the tree farm and their importance on the environment. 3..Take the second trail on your left which will be marked by GREEN flagging tape. NOTE: If you cross the wooden bridge you have missed the trail. 4..Once the trail enters the woods and divides take the trail to the left. 5..At the Maine Forest sign take the right fork. 6..The trail bears left at Boyden Stream. NOTE: Enjoy the beautiful stream which is fed from Boyden Lake and which supplies water for the Passamaquoddy Water District. 7..The trail follows the stream and will lead you to a seating area next to a wolf pine and a sign describing alewives. 8..The letter box is located in brush just behind and too the right of the wolf pine. 9..After a short walk the trail turns left at the Why Salmon Matter sign. 10..At the top of the rise the trail turns left again. 11..At the Maine Forest sign go straight ahead and you will come to the starting point of the green trail. 12..Turn right and follow the trail back to the parking area.