Boxing Lessons  LbNA # 20840 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMar 15 2006
LocationConnersville, IN
Planted ByTrailStompers    
Found By Penguin Patrol
Last Found Sep 29 2007
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We first learned of letterboxing during a "treasure hunting" workshop held here in our home town by the Community Education Coalition. They have some wonderful programs. In this workshop, they taught about orienteering, geocaching and letterboxing. The only one we were interested in was the orienteering and had never heard of the other two. Turns out, we've become obsessive about the 'boxing and haven't really done much of the other two!

The C.E.C. is in the midst of a big undertaking, along with a few other organizations in town. They are expanding hugely from what I understand. They are moving into the tallest building in the county which is close to where this box is hidden. It's been undergoing a re-vamp and is still in the works. It's a big neat old building and, according to the sketches of their plans, will be just awesome when it's finished.

Take Western Ave. in Connersville to 11th St. west. You'll see a railroad overpass, Mousie's, a small basketball court, a small playground with blue and yellow play stuff, and a ball field. And of course, the big tan brick building just north. Park your car wherever, probably across from the playground. You'll need to walk westward on the RR tracks a little and then go down between the tracks and the fence that surrounds the ball field. When you get to the scoreboard, count eight chain link fence posts. Put your back squarely to it against the fence and look up the little hill. There is a multi-trunked tree up there that hides a souvenir for you. Be safe, and happy hunting!