Loblolly Pine  LbNA # 20842

Placed DateMar 15 2006
LocationMaydelle, TX
Found By chancelier_de_lbu
Last Found Dec 9 2007
Hike Distance?

I.D. Fairchild State Forest is the largest of the state forests in Texas. Located in Maydelle, it spreads over 2,740 acres. A working forest, Fairchild is an excellent example of how a healthy forest can thrive in a culture that sometimes seems bent on destroying its natural resources.

Many Cherokee County residents don't even know Fairchild Forest is in their midst. I only heard about it myself last year, but it has become one of my favorite hiking places. We often take off after work and go walk until dark there. It isn't fancy and it doesn't draw attention to itself, but it is home to many of God's creatures and so provides something new and interesting at every turn of the trail.

My Loblolly Pine box is a tribute to the fine specimens of loblollies found in Fairchild.

From Rusk, take Highway 84 West toward Palestine. After passing through Maydelle, keep an eye out for FM747 which will T into Highway 84 from the North. At the T, turn left onto a dirt road. You will see signs telling you you are in I.D. Fairchild and instructing you to stay on state property. Continue along the dirt road until you cross the Railroad tracks. Just past the tracks on the right will be an area with two picnic tables and a small pond visible from the road. Turn in and park there.

When you get out of your car, you will notice how peaceful the area is. Please don't rush through this box - take a little time and enjoy your surroundings.

Take the trail around the pond. When you reach the opposite side of the pond, position yourself directly across the pond from the picnic table closest to the water on the opposite side. When facing the pond, and properly positioned, you will have a medium-sized pine tree to your right. Turn around 180 degrees, so that your back is to the pond. Walk 13 paces to a long fallen tree. Look right toward the root ball and up against the trunk, and you will find this box buried beneath debris.

Recover well. :^)