Parker's Letterbox  LbNA # 20850

Placed DateMar 16 2006
LocationLolo, MT
Found By Windwolf
Last Found May 21 2007
Hike Distance?

This letterbox has been place to honor the birth of my first grandchild. In recognition of the difficulty of labor and raising a child this letterbox is somewhat hard to get to. It is on a hill (think "the M") without the really nice switchbacks.

Go to mile marker 28 on the Nee Me Poo Trail/Lewis and Clark Trail. Park in the pull out on the North side of the road just West of the mile marker.

Go through the stile heading North towards the mountain. At approximately 221 paces there is a fork in the trail. Take the left fork. At approx. 12 paces you hit an old road. Go approximately 70 more pace towards the mountain. You should see a burned stump.

Here you will see an indistinct trail in the scree (rocks). Take this trail up the mountain. It is "steeper than a cow's face."

The rocky knob is your destination. You will get to a large log lying on the trail with the rocky knob to your right. Turn right and go to the rocks. Between the two Douglas Firs there is a stump with what looks like a bird's nest of sticks in it.

Parker's letterbox is hidden under the diagonal rectangular rock immediately to the left of the stump.
Parker means keeper of the forest and at this location it is easy to keep an eye on the trees.

This took me 20 minutes to climb up and 10 to climb down. You can take a less intense climb by walking west on the road after the fork, and after getting to a burned out Ponderosa Pine woodpecker tree, climbing the ridge line back East to the rocky Knob.

Good Luck and careful on the scree!

2/23/10 - Went to check on this box and it's there, but I need to give it a new box.