Old Black Water (to wash down your Bitter Orange)  LbNA # 20859 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateFeb 15 2006
LocationTampa, FL
Found By M.O.U.S.'s
Last Found Apr 12 2006
Hike Distance?

UPDATE: THE BOX IS GONE. I'll put a new one there when I get a chance. In the meantime, it's still a nice spot for a picnic.

Wilderness Park
13630 Morris Bridge Rd.
$1 entrance donation.

Park in lot on the west side of the street,
From the flagpole to the boardwalk start moving your feet.

With the shore on your left and the bridge overhead,
To the primitive trail, wooden bridge, you are led.

When palmetto palm island is on your left side,
To 200° turn toward the prize.

Take 12 paces from the bank to the tree,
In the folds of the trunk the box you will see.

On the side of the tree below the lowest bough,
Under sticks and leaves the box will be found.

Replace it so it is well hidden. I'm not kiddin'. :)

Before you get back in your car, take a walk around the elevated boardwalk to the west of the parking lot. It is truly beautiful.