This Way to The Egress (Microbox)  LbNA # 20869 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMar 17 2006
CountySan Mateo
LocationRedwood Shores, CA
Planted ByTeam Magpie    
Found By Lore
Last Found Oct 21 2006
Hike Distance?
Last EditedNov 20 2015

It seems the Egress has flown this winter. Team Magpie is working diligently to hatch another little Egress to nest in her place and will update once she has settled in her habitat.


On St. Patrick's Day in 1841, PT Barnum is said to have used his infamous Egress sign for the first time. In order to celebrate this occasion, Team Magpie is proud to present the Egress Microbox.

In your hunt for the Egress, you may likelly see some of her relatives as well as many other wonderful wildlife. Please respect their lodgings as they have chosen protected accomodations.

101 to Ralston/Marine World Parkway Exit. Head east on MWP, toward Redwood Shores. From here you have two options:

Take a hike:
About 1/2 mile over flat unpaved terrain.
Turn left on Island Blvd and drive through office park to end where there is parking. Take the paved trail along the water's edge to the right. At fork, take the dirt path. Stay on this path as it turns, becomes gravel, then paved. Trail dead ends at a little overlook with an interpretive sign. Peek around the far side of this sign to glimpse the Egress.

Instant gratification:
Continue on MWP. After a small bridge make the first allowable u-turn and find the public parking lot on the right. Take trail to left. At water's edge, turn right and continue on to the overlook.

Please be very careful returning the Egress to her nest as a fall from her roost could mean a watery grave.