Letterboxing Coyotes  LbNA # 20886 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMar 18 2006
LocationRusk, TX
Found By silverhalos
Last Found May 30 2010
Hike Distance?

Letterboxing Coyotes Letterbox

This letterbox pays tribute to letterboxing coyotes - a special breed of coyote who howls excitedly, calling all his pals to come running when he gets a whiff of a newly planted letterbox in his territory. Circling the box, yipping loudly and howling at the moon are part of their ritual. Suddenly one brave coyote quickly snags the box and runs, being chased all the while by the other coyotes nipping at his heels trying to snatch the letterbox from the clutches of his jaws. Fur flying, teeth gnashing, snarls penetrating the night - yes, these creatures love letterboxing. Has one of your boxes ever gone missing?

This is a short walk (probably less than half a mile from your car to the box and back).
This letterbox is hidden at Rusk State Park (about 2 miles west of Rusk on Hwy 84). Shortly after turning into the park, you will see a small parking area on your left. Park here and continue walking down the road you were just driving on for a short distance until you see a sign indicating the Nature Trail (just across the road from a little covered bridge). Walk down this trail enjoying the signs identifying various trees until you come to a sign on the right side of the trail for an American Basswood Tree. Lurking behind this tree is the Letterboxing Coyote. Be very careful – he may be very protective of his lair.

Please do take a moment to “recover well” because this box is close to the trail and can easily be seen from the trail.