MT: Five  LbNA # 20889

Placed DateMar 18 2006
LocationClarksville, TN
Found By Team JSABAIL
Last Found Oct 16 2014
Hike Distance?

*** Pansy and Acacia have been picked, all the others are fine ***

1. Magnolia - Nobility

From I-24, take exit 4 towards Clarksville. You will turn left onto Rt79 (Wilma Rudolph Blvd). At Rt374 (101st Airborne Division Pkwy) turn right towards Fort Campbell. Rt374 turns into the Purple Heart Parkway. At the intersection of Lafayette Road, turn right. As you travel down Lafayette you will see a sign reading “Entering Fort Campbell Military Reservation.” Although this is not on the post proper, it is a training area. Right before you see the sign, there are two yellow gates that are usually open. Although I have yet to see them closed, if you ever see these gates closed DO NOT GO ON FOOT! As much of an adventure letterboxing can be, it isn’t worth getting hurt or arrested because you have stumbled into army field training.

Driving past the archery range on the left, you will come to a four way intersection. Turn left onto the 101st Airborne Division Road—notice the equestrian areas. Straight ahead you will see a green and yellow sign for the Sportsman Lodge. Turn right by the sign onto Sportsman Lane. Follow the road to the parking area for the Sportsman, noticing the Equestrian Crossing sign. Park and walk back to the Equestrian Crossing. Pick up the trail on the west side, heading SW into the woods. I don't think anyone will mind someone walking on a horse trail, just watch out for the... well.... you know. Just before you get to the gravel road, you will see several big rocks on your left. The letterbox is under the big rock that is closest to the gravel road, and right next to a tall oak tree.

2. Tulip - Fame

Continue on the Equestrian Trail, crossing the aforementioend gravel road. Not far you come to a very distinctive looking V shaped pine tree. Do you think the pine tree is a 2 trunked pine tree or a 1 trunk tree that split? Anyway, as you contemplate the answer to this question, you will find this letterbox in the split.

3. Pansy - Loving Thoughts

Leaving the Sportsmans Lodge, return the way you came. When on The Purple Heart Parkway, take the exit for Fort Campbell/41A. Proceed South on 41A by taking a right at the light. You will be heading towards downtown Clarksville. Stay on 41A through a rather rundown part of town until you find yourself going down a steep hill (known as “Boot Hill” from the days of Acme Boot Factory) and crossing a bridge over the Red River. Take a right at the light onto Riverside Drive. Continue past McGregor Park. When you come to a major intersection where 41A splits from Rt13, turn right, following Rt13 towards the Clarksville Fairgrounds. The entrance to the Fairgrounds is just a few hundred feet ahead once you turn off 41A. Go into the Fairgrounds, passing the JayCee building on the right and a pond with a fountain on the left.

Drive the loop of the Fairgrounds. You will drive past the model airplane exhibition area and a boat ramp. Park your car in the the lot next to the boat ramp parking lot. From this lot you should be able to see the small green bar fence of a small river overlook. As you walk toward the overlook, the letterbox is under the right hand corner of the overlook, closest to the river. The box is wedged in between 2 rocks under the overlook deck, with another small rock on top of it.

4. Daisy - Innocence

Turn left out of the fairgrounds, and turn right on 41A. Go about a mile, then turn left on Gupton Lane, which shortly turns slight left onto Greenwood Ave. Turn right into the front entrance of Greenwood Cemetary. Drive around and past the tall confederate memorial, continue on toward a huge Magnolia tree (I know, I should have saved my Magnolia Stamp for this letterbox, but it was too late). To the left of the Magnolia tree, you will see a huge multi-trunk tree. Park next to the small Sec 9 sign. You will find GOLD in the center of this multi-trunk tree.

5. Acacia - Friendship

Exit the cemetary the way you came in, turning right on Greenwood Ave.
Turn Left at Madison. Turn Right on University Ave. Turn Right on College St.
Go about 2 miles, then Turn Right on Dunbar Cave Rd.
In the corner of the parking lot of Dunbar Cave Park area, you will see a sign for Recovery Trail and Short Loop Trail. Take this path. You will come to where the path splits, with 2 signs, indicating the way to the cave and the way to the trail. Go towards the left to the trail. Shortly you will reach a more uphill part of the trail, with a row of rocks on the left side of the trail (I suppose to control the path from erosion from rushing water when it rains). On the right side of the trail is one big rock, pointing to the remains of an ancient rotting tree stump. The letterbox is on top of the tree stump with 2 rocks covering it.