Hawks in Flight  LbNA # 20901 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMar 19 2006
LocationNew Fairfield, CT
Planted ByTravelingfrog    
Found By Woodland Paws
Last Found May 5 2012
Hike Distance?

difficulty: Fairly easy
Placed by: Traveling-frog and Flutterby

This box is located in Pootatuck State Forest. Which can be accessed either through Squantz pond or Pine hill. You will need to go to the Pine hill entrance. From the center of town follow Rt. 37 not far past the methodist chuch there is a right hand turn this is pine hill rd. turn right onto pine hill. Follow pine hill a mile or more you will pass several large houses on your left just before the rd starts up a steeper hill half way up this hill on your right pine hill turns off. Turn right, very soon you should see a dead end parking area with a state forest sign board.
Park here. From the parking area enter Pootatuck state forest. Go around gate ( pole across fire rd).Other directions listed on the pootatuck state forest series clue.

Head down the fire road, passing an unmarked trail on the right.Continue down fire rd. for a while, after a bit you will pass 8 mighty stone soldiers standing on your right. Continue on until you pass over a brook that goes under the fire rd.. A short distance further you will come to a trail on your right, looking down the trail you will see a faded yellow blaze on a tree on the right.
Take yellow blazed trail. It will rise up the hill and you will cross over several log steps. Then over a stream to where you should be cautious of small rocks and slippery leaves lying under foot. Continue on Yellow blazed trail until it meets with unmarked trail.
Turn left onto un-marked trail. Shortly you will come to a wooden post/ trail marker on your left hand side. This marks the start of the blue trail.
Turn left onto blue trail. Follow on the blue trail passing through mountain laurel and rocky areas. Head up through mountain laurel crossing over flat rocks. This leads to a pine grove and more flat rocks. Continue on Blue trail. The blue trail heads down once more and then back up where you will emerge onto a rocky out-cropping , with a view facing S. E. overlooking both Squantz Pond and Candlewood Lake.
You can watch several species of predetory birds soaring on the air currents. Hawks are common as well as Turkey vultures as well as many other smaller birds. This is a great spot for lunch or a comfortable break, before grabbing your prize and heading back. Your treasure is near by and this is a popular area so be discreet and re-hide well.
Continue on past look-out to first tree with blue blaze. At this tree take a compass reading of 350 degrees. Go 25 paces in this direction to a small tree growing out of a rock. Take a reading of 60 degrees. Go to nearest tree. Two flat boulders lie behind the tree. There is a V shaped crevice where the rocks meet reach into the crevice and collect your treasure.
After re-hiding head back the way you came on blue trail. Until you meet with the un-marked trail at the sign post. Turn right. Continue up the un-marked trail passing the yellow blazed trail you came up on , on your right. Continue on the unmarked trail, until it meets witht the fire rd. and turn left. Your car is just ahead.

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