Welcome to Halloween Town(parts 1 & 2)  LbNA # 20908

Placed DateMar 19 2006
LocationCircleville, OH
Found By Capt. Sparrow's Team
Last Found Sep 10 2010
Hike Distance?

Welcome to Halloween Town -part 1. In search of Miss Sally.

Go to the Forest Cemetary on South Court Street in Circleville, Ohio (home of the Circleville Pumpkin Show; therefore perfect setting for Halloween Town).

Through the main entrance, head straight past the Mother Flag with all the Baby Flags surrounding her. The Crites-1910 masoleum will be on your left. Turn right at the #6 post. Veering left, Turney should appear on your right. If you're still in your vehicle, park by the two trees, close to the Ammers. Looking north, you should see the Winner. Eight paces east of Winner, there is a huge tree. Sally is hiding in the growth on the east side of the tree.

After replacing Sally as found...Let's venture on to Halloween Town part 2--

Jack Skellington- "If you don't know Sally, then you don't know Jack."

From Sally, let's travel northwest to the Baum Masoleum. Turn right between post 10 and Tree #5. Turn left at post #12 with a Knight to your left. Passing the Redman on your right takes you to lucky post #13.

(Nothing to do with finding Jack, but interesting...Three paces NE of #13, you should find yourself standing in front a barely readable tombstone. Stooping down in front of this tombstone-it points to Trailtracker's "Big Honkin' Pumpkin Pie".)

Anyway, back to Jack. Turn left past post #13. When you are facing the Weaver, turn right. Take another right at Ray. Beyond the Browns (don't be fooled by the big one; there are others past him), you should see a Stein to your right. Facing the Stein, there is a big Helwagen behind it. It may be a bit tricky as it is parked facing your left. With your back to the front of the tall Helwagen, take 4 paces Northwest where you will find Black. Behind the Black, you will find Jack. He's buried a bit at the base of the tree.

Please place Jack back as you found him. Hope you enjoyed Halloween Town...to be continued.