Swain's Train  LbNA # 2094

Placed DateMay 1 2003
LocationBryson City, NC
Found ByThe Hedgehog Clan (Attempted)
Last UpdateMay 5 2012


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Placed: December 31,2002
Placed by: LEEEP (including one of the Buds)
Equipment Needed: Compass (You can pick one up at the NOC store.)
Type of Steps: Small woman steps
Time required: 20 minutes
Difficulty: Easy. Great for kids.

From the Bryson City Train Depot, find the corner of Everett and Fry.
This walking trip is easy so please do try
To follow all clues, donít short cut any.
The route is on one street, not many.

Walk southeast on Everett and several landmarks youíll see
Along with some shops and many a tree.
Youíll pass the Chamber of Commerce Caboose
And the NOC store where friendliness is no ruse.

Next youíll see historic Calhoun Country Inn.
Your hunt is shortly to begin.
Cross over the Tuckaseegee River Bridge.
Hungry for a great dessert from the Ďfridge?

Hereís Everett Street Diner with many a food treat.
Are you walking on that side of the street?
Keep walking southeast and look to the left.
Youíll see a courtyard and a soldier bereft.

Near this monument find the old Tsali sign.
This brave Native American is of the Cherokee kind.
It took 99 years to honor this hero
By putting up the plaque 7 years after nineteen 3 zero.

Stand with your back against Tsali and facing the vet
At compass heading 290, look right and donít fret.
Youíll see a sign from old Bennettís Drug
With a date youíll need to use, donít shrug.

Subtract Bennettís date from Tsali signís most recent.
This number remaining is your set of steps to be sent.
Still facing the vet, take this number of steps
At a heading of 210, thatís a yep!

Stop. Then walk when itís safe
To the red brick building, the PD place.
Your goal is the hemlock close by.
Go to it now, your letterbox is neigh.

Very close along the left gravel walk
Is a set of black light poles that wish they could talk.
What they would say is that you are so near.
The box is hidden very close to here.

Facing the wooden bridge, thick bushes youíll see
On the left side of the bridge thatís as high as your knee.
Here down near bridgeís first post.
The letterbox was once hidden in its juniper host.

Now look right and across this tiny place
to street corner where a bench does face
if sitting here it is under your rump and right
from behind bench it's under the seat & rock in your sight

We hope you enjoyed your walk downtown
In our little city with hospitality renowned!

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