In and Around Stone Mountain  LbNA # 2096

OwnerAmanda from Seattle    
Placed DateMay 1 2003
LocationRoaring Gap, NC
Found By HistoryBuff
Last Found Apr 21 2014
Hike Distance?

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Highest Point
Placed 5/28/01

Go to the highest point in Wilkes County. From first step go 220 degrees and 20 paces to slashed pine. From pine go 130 degrees for 18 paces.

Placed 5/20/01

From "V" of the tramway support go 72 degrees for 60 paces to water. Go 105 degrees for 12 paces to game trail. Then go 335 degrees for 58 paces to hollow tree.

1954 Ford
Placed 6/3/2001

In Stone Mountain State Park, approximately 1/2 mile north west of the summit of Little Stone Mountain is a 1954 Ford. From rear drivers side bumper go 65 degrees for 31 paces to an Oak. Then 30 degrees for 15 paces to a hollow oak tree.

School House
Placed 6/3/2001

Approximately 1/2 mile Northeast of the Stone Mountain Campground is a one room school house. From front door go 310 degrees for 82 paces to a small pine. Then go 250 degrees for 53 paces to an oak tree. Then go 320 degree for 100 paces to a small stream. Go north to hollow tree at top of the rocks!

Alice Caudlill
Placed 8/05/01
as of 11/22/10 the logbook needs to be replaced!!

West of Stone Mountain lies Basin Creek part of Doughton Park.
Approximately 2 miles of hiking from the Long bottom Road will bring you to the juncture of three trails. At this point lies the grave of Alice Caudill, the wife of Famon Caudill. She was born on May 18, 1901 and died July 15, 1916, only 15 years old.
After paying your respects, go 240° for 37 paces to the old home site.
Then go 332° for 42 paces to the corner of a switch-back.
Proceed up hill on the trail for 109 paces to the beginning of the third switch-back.
From here go 70° for 20 paces and look under the lower jutting rock.

Caudill Cabin
Placed 11/11/01
Alive and well as of 5/25/04

From Wildcat Rocks overlook at Doughton Park look Southeast at 130 degrees and about 1000 feet straight down to a small cabin. If you can fly, take ten steps forward.

The preferred method is to enter Doughton park at the juncture of Long Bottom Rd. and Basin Creek at the southern end of the park. From there hike approximately 5 miles up stream following the signs to the cabin. This is a beautiful hike along a continuously cascading stream, broken only by the occasional waterfall and deep, fish filled crystal clear pool. Towering above are massive Hemlocks, White Pines, Oaks and Poplars. The scenery is so nice that we made it easy to find the letterbox.

Once at the cabin's front door, look 250 degrees to a large boulder between the juncture of two forks of Basin Creek about 75 paces as the crow flies. Look under the back side of the boulder.

Gold mine!
Placed 2/26/02
Alive and well as of 1/31/04!

On a ridge between Garden Creek and Widows Creek is the remains of a gold mine.. really only a prospect, but still a neat destination for a hike. Start at the Garden Creek Church inside Stone Mountain Park. Take the trail that follows Garden Creek from the paved road for approximately 800 paces. Take the road on your right that heads up the ridge. (You might want to explore the old house site on your left. It has one of the largest fir trees in the park.) After you go about 75 yards look on the top of the left bank. There are several interesting grave sites. Return to the road and follow it up the ridge for approximately 2 miles. As you top the ridge there will be two rock cairns on your right. From there head 310 degrees for 190 paces to the top of the knob. Then follow the ridge at 300 degrees and 175 paces to a saddle and to the first prospecting pit. From the pit, go 280 degrees for 60 paces to the main pit. Then go 320 degrees for 30 paces and look behind a larger rock for the letterbox. Before leaving, pay your respects at the two graves located 180 degrees and 160 paces from the main pit.

Pump house

Placed 9/22/2002
Alive and well as of 5/25/04

Start at the restaurant at Doughton Park and drive north on the parkway for 3 tenths of a mile. Turn right on a paved road that seems to go no where. From the last parking spot, go 30 degrees for 50 paces to an old road that bears off to the right. Follow the road and the power line to the power pole # 237043. Go 55 degrees for 20 paces back where you came. Then 120 degrees for 50 paces to the top of the stairs. Follow the stairs to the pump house. At the back of the pump house look towards the break in the dam. The letterbox is in a crack at the break. CAUTION: DO NOT CLIMB ON THE DAM! Also leave the pump house and machinery as you find it. (It has been undisturbed for 30 years.)
Be aware the path takes you along telephone/power company
access roads that are only maintained once a year. When visited in August of 2004, the
way was very thickly overgrown and not passable on foot.