Raven's Tail  LbNA # 20966

Placed DateFeb 24 2006
CountyBritish Columbia, CAN
Location???, BRC
Planted ByNorasta      
Found By ???
Last Found Apr 4 2006
Hike Distance?

Find the island named for Lulu, then the village named for Mr. Steves and finally the point called Garry. From there you will need to find the bench named for Jules.
Note the Fishermans’ Memorial and continue on the gravel path as far west as it will take you. Sit with Jules to your back. From this point you will see 3 large boulders directly opposite your perch. The middle boulder, left side, hides the Raven’s Tail. There is a rock in the LB to help weigh it down.
Update Sept 2006: A geocache has been placed nearby, about 30 meters. Please respect the game. Different rules, same fun!