French and Indian War  LbNA # 20970

Placed DateMar 10 2006
LocationSterling, VA
Planted ByKoyote    
Found By Cyclonic
Last Found Nov 29 2013
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DIFFICULTY: Fun box for young and old. involves observation and some easy math. Plan on approx.2 hours. Hiking portion is on well marked trails and about 1 mile in length.


This letterbox is placed in commeration of the French and Indian War. 2006 marks the 250th anniversary of the official start of that conflict, also known as the Seven Years War. Virginia played a major role in that war. The Vestal's Gap road in northern Virginia was a major route of the time, and an important factor in troop movement.
In 1755, after increasing hostilities, Britain sent Major General Edward Braddock to America as commander-in chief of all British forces. He quickly set in motion plans to capture Fort Duquesne in the Ohio Valley, leading his troops west from Virginia in June. Braddock divided his force into 2 columns. One column was led by Sir Peter Halkett, commander of Virginia's 44th Regiment of Foot. This column along with the North Carolina Regiment moved west along the Vestal's Gap road. George washington and Daniel Boone were among these troops.
Six-tenths of the original Vestal's Gap Road is preserved in Claude Moore Park in Sterling Virginia. This park is the site of wonderful hiking trails, nature programs and historical sites. The Park manager has allowed a letterbox to be placed on one of the trails. This letterbox is for a limited time, at which point a new one will replace it at a different location and with a different theme.
To access the box information, go to
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programs". The clues can only be obtained in the Visitors center. This is a kid friendly box and a great way to see what Claude Moore Park has to offer. The visitor's center hours are on the web site.
This is a park-sanctioned letterbox and the planting of other letterboxes is not permitted. Please contact me or park staff if the box is missing or in need of maintainence.
Hope you enjoy the adventure at this wonderful park! Safe trails! KOYOTE