Koko  LbNA # 21012

OwnerBlue Frog    
Placed DateMar 16 2006
LocationLogan, OH
Found By MomMelMeg
Last Found Dec 22 2015
Hike Distance?
Last EditedDec 23 2015

This is a microbox but also an extremely easy find!!! I placed this box in celebration of my FTF after nearly 2 years in letterboxing.
Clues: (these directions are credited to Trailtracker)Locate the State Forest Headquarters on SR 374. Find the large painted Smokey Bear sign in front of the building. Which way is Smokey looking?? Travel .3 miles along the road in the direction Smokey is looking. That distance will take you to the end of the guard rail on your right. Park immediately at the end of that guard rail and find a small wooden park sign just inside the edge of the forest which says, "White Pine Planted in 1931...Trailtraker also has 2 boxes here. Stand in front of the sign turn around and you will see a large rock beside a tree "Koko" is located between the tree and rock.

About Koko: you will see his stamp in all boxes that I find but Koko rarely goes with me..for those of you that find this box please email me and Koko will send you very special surprise and you will understand why he rarely goes out letterboxing with but keep in mind he does go on rare occasions and he enjoys it too!!