Lambert Castle  LbNA # 21018

Placed DateMar 25 2006
LocationPaterson, NJ
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

Box checked by the placer on 5/25/07. Safe & sound.

Lambert Castle was built in 1892 on Garret Mountain by Catholina Lambert who was one of the largest mill owners in Paterson, the “Silk City” of the New World. Today the Castle is owned by the Passaic County Park Commission and serves as a museum and headquarters of the Passaic County Historical Society. You can park and hike for the box without paying anything, but the museum is worth the small fee if it’s open.

Please bring your own ink. After inking up, the image might be better if you press the paper to the stamp rather than the stamp to the paper.

Go behind Lambert Castle to Great Notch Trail. Go up the steps and turn right following the fence. This is a very steep incline on a paved path. Walk to the end of the paved path and you’ll find the remains of a lookout tower. Now the path is unpaved. Follow the yellow trail markers around the back of the tower. Look for a pole with #69554P and go straight ahead on a path heading South. The path will be quite rocky. If you look closely, you’ll find a rock with “Maricely N David” and another with “Shonedel N Joe”. Go straight ahead on the rocky trail. Soon you’ll come to a three-trunked tree with a yellow trail marker. A short distance ahead (approximately 9 paces- every other footfall), you’ll see a rock outcropping with a yellow trail marker. The path is a “V” here and you want to stay right. You might see a tree with a yellow marker off to your left, but you should not be on that path. Continue straight ahead (approximately 41 paces) until you find a big boulder with white graffiti on it. Stop here and face West and you’ll see a thin tree with a hole in it about 6 feet off the ground. Your prize is at the base of this tree.

Please rehide the box carefully as this is a popular spot. We saw 5 deer while planting it. Hope you enjoyed the hike and the view of Paterson and NYC. Please let us know that you found the box by using the “Contact the Placer” feature. Thanks.