Play Ball!  LbNA # 21026

Placed DateMar 25 2006
LocationDenver, CO
Found By C The Sun
Last Found Jun 21 2016
Hike Distance?

Play Ball!

This box's first season was 2006 and was placed in time for Colorado Rockies Opening Day...outside, not inside the stadium, though the clues do have some baseball references – of course!

For the first 4 years it was a seasonal box with a new stamp each year and which appeared each year about 2 weeks before the Rockies first home game, and stayed out about 2 weeks after the last home game.

Begining in 2010 it is now a PERMANENT box - meaning it will stay out all year with the same stamp. Logbook is tiny, but with thick paper. Every inch counts! So please stamp both sides and *please* let me know when it's getting full.

Thanks and enjoy.

6/4/2010: New logbook added.


Most of the seats at Coors Field are green. In the upper stands, however, you’ll see a line of purple seats. This marks the “Mile High” mark in the Mile High City. While I’m not a huge Rockies fan myself, I love going to an evening game a few times a year and sitting on the east side (facing the mountains) and watching the sun go down over the Rockies – the team and the mountains! One of the best views in all of Denver and I highly recommend going to a game.

“Rockpile” seating is very cheap ($4.00) and prices go up from there.

From the official Rockies site (Hot link above or
you’ll find more info on the history of Coors Field and from there you can poke around the site for info on home game dates/times, tickets, parking, etc.

Clues: Play Ball!

For this box, you’ll need to be “Out in Left Field.” Once you make your way there by foot (Gate E), look for 3 large spheres across the pedestrian bridge. Go stand under the largest one. I love the puns and artwork here, be sure to check out “Evolution of the Ball.”

Ever heard of miniature golf? If you now look south and down the stairs you’ll find a place to play miniature baseball!

Go stand near home base. From it - line up yourself, home base, and the angle of the base runner’s line from 1st base to/near 2nd base. The space between root #1 and root #2 also adds to this alignment of cheering on the Rockies.

If you’re lined up correctly at home, and then PREtend to hit a miniature home run “into the stands” you’d see only one (large-ish) cement fence post in the “outfield.” It has green metal fencing on both sides of it. This is very close to your “box in the outfield.”

West to first green post (medium-sized) that is connected to the cement, then the very next smallest pole (not affixed to cement). Look underneath bottom railing immediately west of a bolt.

Reminder: Sneaky urban magnetic box! First rule of boxing: Keep Looking!

Magnetic camo mini box. Handmade stamp and logbook only. Naturally, I’m suggesting green and purple (markers) – since those are the Rockies colors. Since this is a mini box, you’ll need to bring your own.

As with all my Denver urban boxes, be discreet. However, this is (to date) my easiest urban box to snag. This area is almost always quiet – unless it's game day – then they’ll be thousands of people around!

Park on 21st near Blake (one way southbound) or Market (one way northbound) or somewhere near this area. Coins needed, but meters very generous in this area and it’s usually an easy area to nab a parking spot. I think I got an hour for a quarter the day I planted this box. You’ll be right across from First Base and a short walk away from this kid friendly letterbox - if you aren't attending a game, still take a peek through the gates here.

I-25 exits for this box are either Park Ave or 20th - each only about 1/2 mile from the stadium. Parking anywhere near the stadium close to game time is a whole other ball game! however, and you might want to consider:

Public Transit:

Bike Map of Denver:
(Both 20th and 21st in this area are officially designated bike lanes on multiple routes, and the Platte River is just a few blocks west of the stadium.)

It is important that the box be returned >>PRECISELY << where the ***CLUES indicate***

NOT where someone feels like leaving it. Even a foot away for such a small urban box is absolutely NOT OK and will drive me and boxers after you absolutely nuts!!!

I use thick paper for all my logbooks, especially for small urban ones like this one. Please stamp in using both sides of the pages. Thanks!

Status updates and hellos always appreciated.