LIFE IS FUN  LbNA # 21040

OwnerRobin's Nest    
Placed DateMar 26 2006
LocationTorsey Nature Preserve, Readfield, ME
Found By Robin's Nest
Last Found Jun 27 2011
Hike Distance?

This box was abandoned by its owner. It is still viable, however, you must adapt the clues to the new trails. It is still there, just work it out as the trails have changed. 6/15/2013

This letterbox is placed in the Torsey Nature Preserve, a piece on beautiful Maine land with a nicley maintained trail. You will find the parking lot leading to the preserve's trail at the bottom of the big hill on Rt. 41 north. Pull into the parking lot and start down the trail. The lot is near an equestrain center with a "distinctive" smell. Here is a clue poem we stirred up for you.

From the parking lot out on the road
you'll need to walk past stump and toad
down on the trail until it splits
to left and right, but here's the hitch-
you can go both ways! So you can choose,
(though to the left you'll have dry shoes)
Then pick the left towards north loop
and walk the trail that smells like horse poop,
round a corner there by a private gate
then down a hill out towards the lake.
Just on your left there near the bottom
there is a rock with a paper birch on top of him.
Leaning back as though to rest,
upon its stony friend, but just in jest,
look up and you will see,
the top broken off this tree-
Go back behind the rock and you'll find
un-natural tupperware box reclines!
Now if this rock you cannot spy,
go on until the "cutover trail" appears on the right
then turn around and face back up the hill,
go twenty paces up and on your right you will
see our famous rock, for stampers glee
and leave a note for all to see!

If,however at the T you should go right
you will find a beautiful sight-
toward Torsey pond is a lovely walk,
you'll wish your binoculars had been brought.
And when you've had some time to view
the water, and marshes too,
then turn your steps back up the trail
until you spy a"cutover trail"sign held to tree with nail,
It goes down a little drop
to meet the "north loop" trail, where you can stop.
Look left and up the N.L. trail progress
for twenty paces to find our place-
It is a rock, festooned with paper birch
leaning there as if to perch
and underneath the rock, out behind
you'll find a letterbox with no rhyme!