Lunch Stop  LbNA # 21042

OwnerFork Finders    
Placed DateMar 26 2006
LocationGolden, CO
Found By Grace to You
Last Found Jun 27 2016
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Lunch Stop

5/16/09: Got an "attempt" on AQ w/o without a single word about LocoLobo's hunt. Remember that "attempts" are a reflection of the FINDER not the planter. After a follow up email we learned they didn't have their compass with them that day......not much of an attempt after all!!

This is an altoid camo box. Bring your own ink for the stamp. Handmade stamp and log by Benchy!

Find White Ranch Park (see link above or

Clues: Lunch Stop

Starting from the lower parking lot on the west side of the park, find the trail that heads east through the picnic area. (Fork and Knife required?)

This trail is named after a well known breed of Texas cattle....(yee haw!) You will find a clue to the trail name during your trek through the picnic area. Pass this first sign and in a short distance you will come to a second trail marker which points in two different directions.

Take this trail to the east or straight for a short distance. Stop when you're standing on the root in the trail where there is a tree on each side of the trail. The tree to the left has a group of large rocks behind it.

At compass bearing 110, look for the middle of three large rock formations. The box is located there on the north side in a small crevasse at the bottom near the ground of this large group of rocks.

Easy hike about ½ mile round trip. Dog, kid, bike and horse friendly – but not wheelchair or stroller friendly.

We love this park, it has approximately 20 miles of trails and great views of the Front Range.

This is Fork Finders first place, thanks for playing and look for more in the near future.

We are a combined entity which has, for what it's worth, disbanded under this trail name since this box was placed. HOWEVER: One of the placers is still very active. It might be a bit until messages are received/acknowledeged under addres but WILL be read...just don't be surprised if it takes as long as a month to hear back, however.

For that reason please, please send online status as is it likely to be ages between maintenance calls!

Lunchy ...of the Forkfinders

Fork Finders (Lunchy & Benchy)
"Take the fork in the lunch!!"