A little chicken little  LbNA # 21050 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMar 18 2006
Locationcape elizabeth, ME
Planted Bydenalikatahdinboyz    
Found By skier4444
Last Found Aug 20 2006
Hike Distance?

The Little Chicken Little letterbox is at Fort Williams Park (AKA Portland Headlight)

Park at the stoney beach parking area.
Walk up hill towards the light house
Turn left at Hobart Battery
Walk around left and follow the trail
Stone Bench on left - keep going
Then another bench this time on the right
From the end of the second bench walk 12 steps to a small path heading seaward
walk CAREFULLY (because everyone should be at least a little chicken when walking close to sea-side cliffs with lose gravel and excited youn'uns)
Look for the long finger of rock pointing toward Cushing Island and descend to the ledge left of it.
Your close now....you don't need to look up or out to find it...you don't even need to look down or to the left.

After you've stamped the Little Chicken Little Letterbox enjoy the view. I highly recommend going back to the trail and continue to follow the trail further along the shore past other beautiful rock outcrops and within 5 minutes to the Portland Headlight. You can walk back along the trail afterwards (scenic) or walk back on the road to the beach parking lot (less scenic...a mite quicker).