Sedna's Watery Domain  LbNA # 21075 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMar 27 2006
LocationBoise, ID
Found By Blackvelvetrav
Last Found Apr 9 2006
Hike Distance?

Hand carved stamp
First finder token

Directions to Winstead Park: From the intersection of Curtis Road and Northview Street, drive west on Northview for about a half mile. On your right, at 6152 Northview Street, is Winstead Park. As you pull into the park, look for a covered picnic area with a green roof. Stroll over to this area and find the pedestrian path on the north side. The path is a wide, well groomed dirt track that forms a round trip loop around the north part of Winstead Park.

As you stand at the north side of the picnic area, face north. Take a right (east) turn and start your stroll. You may notice the path goes behind a chain link fence for a short section. Not to worry. On your right, you値l notice a white house with a white birch tree. Nice. After the white house, you値l see a brown house with Oregon Grape bushes on the park side of the fence.

Soon, you値l see a tree on your left 的N memory of Justo Murelaga. Stop here and notice the tennis courts on your right. Continue past the tennis courts and you値l soon see a stubby fir tree off to your right. Also, there is a residence across the fence from the stubby fir. The home has a ditch with cattails. If you stop on the path next to the stubby fir, you値l see a deciduous tree with 5 trunks splitting off. Nestled in the crook of several trunks is an evergreen tree. As you move closer to this cluster of trees, notice a stump at about seat height. Walk to the stump. Turn back toward the parking lot and have a seat on the stump.

Next protect your hand since you値l be reaching to your left through some stickery branches. Between the evergreen and the bigger tree, under a pile of pinecones, sticks and one rock, you値l find Sedna.

This box is inspired by Sedna, Woman of the Depth of the Sea. She looks a lot like a mermaid, and the stamp doesn稚 do her justice. She provides ecological balance from her sacred domed temple beneath the watery depths that surround the North American continent.

I found her image in a book 鉄acred Places of Goddess at the Ada Community Library. One example of her mythological role is described here:

If the Arctic wildlife was abused with unnecessary hunting and fishing, Sedna would punish the people for these taboos by calling back the animals and fish so food would be scarce. She is a balancer for our ecosystem.