Spider Rock  LbNA # 21081 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMar 27 2006
LocationBoise, ID
Found By Birds on a Wire
Last Found Jun 22 2008
Hike Distance?

Hand carved stamp
First finder artifact

Directions: From the intersection of Milwaukee and Northview, head east to Fairmont Park at 7925 West Northview Street. Once you’re parked, head out to the playground. Find the swings for the big kids (NOT blue and yellow ones). Stand and the south side of the swings and face south. You’ll be facing a line of three trees, one skinny and two larger ones. In the distance, roughly southeast from where you are standing, there is a life-size ski-lift on a concrete pad. The ski lift is approx. 160 steps (80 paces). If you can’t see the ski-lift right away, keep walking south east for a spell. When you reach the chair, you’ll find “in memory of Steve Dietsch” in the inscription. Pause and check out the view from the chair. When you’re ready to go, walk 44 steps (22 paces) east along the fence until you find a 5 foot tall steel tube planted in the ground. Stop here. Still facing east, you’ll see a chain link fence on your right. Walk 12 steps (6 paces) along the fence until it changes from chain link to wood. Pretend you have dropped something and crouch down. At the base of a cable supporting an electrical pole, there is a stack of three stones marking “Spider Rock”. Settle here or go back to Steve’s spot to do your letterboxing stuff.

“Spider Rock” letterbox celebrates a place I read about this weekend. There is a real place called Spider Rock in northeastern Arizona. Spider Rock is said to be the dwelling place for Grandmother Spider, the subject of this stamp. I was drawn to the graphic of the Spider Grandmother in a book called “Sacred Places of Goddess” at the Ada Community Library. The following paraphrases what the Spider Grandmother can symbolize. In native traditions, all living things are related to everything else, in a web of extraordinary delicacy that stretches over the whole universe. All things are in this web and part of it, and everything done to one of the parts of the web is done to all of the others.