Rainbow Butterfly  LbNA # 21104

Placed DateMar 29 2006
CountySan Jacinto
LocationColdspring, TX
Planted ByPrincess Aurora    
Found By Stepping By Faith
Last Found Mar 25 2016
Hike Distance?

This box, which was lost, has been replaced. The stamp image is the same but the location has changed.

Once upon a time, in a beautiful forest, next to a double lake, near a small village named after a nearby cold spring, lived a colorful butterfly. She had so many colors that she was known by all who knew her as Rainbow Butterfly. Even though she was very pretty, she became lonely, as no one ever visited her. From her front yard she could see children swimming in the lake and fishermen in canoes. She even saw many people walk on the trail nearby, but no one stopped to say "hello" and sign her guest book. Then, she saw folks come into the park and walk around the lake. They would find the guest books of others and stamp in them and sign their names. She decided to invite those nice to people to her home. She told them to go to Double Lake Recreation Area near Coldspring, Texas, pay your fee and enter the park. Bear right at the intersection and go to the far parking area, the one by the swimming hole. Walk past the swimmers, keeping the lake on your left. When you come to an intersection and see the trailhead for the Lone Star Trail, go straight ahead. Soon you will see two brown steel pipes on the right side of the trail. They are sticking about a foot out of the ground and are plugged, just sitting there for no apparent reason. Look for a medium sized log on the ground running away from the trail behind the pipes. Where it crosses another log is the home of Rainbow Butterfly. Stop and say "Hello", and please sign and stamp the guestbook.

You may also find the Double Lake and Flying Geese letterboxes in Rainbow Butterfly's neighborhood, and recently many more residents have moved in.