Jail House Rock Box (MISSING)  LbNA # 21106 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMar 29 2006
LocationLand of Rock, ME
Planted ByThe Art Goddess    
Found By Mepanj
Last Found Jul 8 2006
Hike Distance?

this box was stolen a while back...sorry folks

Find KCJ in the Land of Rock (if you cant figure this out email me, but read the LB name again and it may make some sense)
...the inmate is locked up across the street from the KCJ entrance, in front of what seemed to be a private family cemetery...(im pretty sure i wasnt trespassing hehe)

go to the gate...stand in front of the stone column on the right...turn to your right and take 6 steps or so..on your left there will be a decent sized opening between the trees..walk through and the tree on your left holds the inmate...i had to cover it well, so please put it back in the same spot as you found it and recover it very well...we don't want the inmate running loose!!! ;o)

happy hunting!