Go Argos!  LbNA # 21115 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMar 29 2006
LocationPensacola, FL
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Enter the University of West Florida Campus off of Nine Mile Road. If you enter the main entrance on University Parkway, take a right at the first light on the campus. Look for signs directing you toward the Child Care Center on the left. Take a left toward the Child Care Center. If you enter the campus on the side entrance (Nine Mile and Campus Blvd.) the Child Care Center entrance will be on your right. There will be a sign to tell you where to turn.

Park your car in the Child Care Center's parking lot (bldg. 42). If you search for the letterbox during regular University hours, you might want to go to the information center to get a visitor's tag. The information center is near the intersection of University Pkwy. and Campus Blvd., in the parking lot next to the new athletic center. When you park your car near the Child Care Center, you will see an entrance to the nature trail across from the entrance to the parking lot. There is a "no bikes" sign.

Enter the trail and take the path to the right. Walk the trail for a while. Eventually, the chip trail will turn into a sand/dirt trail and go up a small hill. Shortly after that, there is a fork in the trail; stay to the right. On your right, you will see a wooden bridge that overlooks an open field. Keep on the trail as it curves to the left, past the bridge. A few yards past the bridge, you will see a sign on your left. You will see the back of it from the direction you are walking. The front of it says: Cross Country Trail, Loop A, 1 Mile Marker (give or take a few missing letters). Several feet after the sign, the path forks again. Take the path to your right. There is a large, fallen tree on your left and some cement blocks on your right. Up ahead you will see a cement bridge and greenhouses. Go to the cement blocks. There is one that is leaning against a small tree. A second block is lying flat on the ground in front of the first one and a third block is leaning on the flat block. What you are looking for is hidden under the third cement block. You may have to slide the block to reach the letterbox. Make sure you slide the block back into place when you are finished.

To get back to your car you can go back the way you came. You can also take a right when you get back to the main trail. This trail will take you to the main road and you can walk along the road (this is part of the running trail and is very safe) to get back to the parking lot where your car is parked. There is also a wooded path on your left, before you reach the road, that runs virtually parallel to the road. It peters out at some point and you have to walk a short distance along the road back to the parking lot. Of course, you can also meander your way through the nature trail and explore other paths.