Horse and Wagon  LbNA # 21129 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMar 30 2006
LocationKirkersville, OH
Found By Stinkyboras
Last Found May 31 2010
Hike Distance?

Currently Missing as of 4/11/14

The Wagon will arrive after 9/13/2006 newly made and will have a new location. The tree line is frequently cleaned and cleared of brush so placing it back there may not insure its longevity. The Horse is still there! Temporarily, the horse and wagon are at the same spot. There was a funeral there when I was looking for a new wagon spot. Will keep trying to find a better place. But for now both are found in one location.

Bring: pen or pencil, a compass and a stamp pad
Difficulty: easy
Stamp: homemade

This stop is part of a series being placed along National Route 40 within Licking County. This is a historic route and in many ways helped Ohio. Finding information about Kirkersville was difficult, but as information becomes available to me I'll add some more history. The cemetery in Kirkersville dates back to 1829 and the National Road would have been a very important route.

Take Cemetery Road off Route 40 on the east end of town. It is open during sunlight hours. After crossing the bridge turn in the first lane. Look for Thompson's angel as a starting place. She likes the sunset. Take a reading of 330 degrees and go 17 paces in that direction. There next to the tree base you will find WAGON.

Finding WAGON is only part of the history. From WAGON take a 225 degree direction for approximately 50 paces. You will spot two cedar trees. The south tree has a small tree growth at its base. Within its branches you will find HORSE hitched and ready. Woolard is watching nearby.

Try to stamp HORSE next to WAGON to complete the design. This too was a common sight in the history of National Route 40.

Let me know if you find them.
The 5S's