The Final Solution (Sherlock Holmes Series #4)  LbNA # 21154 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMar 27 2006
LocationSaco, ME
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?


The Final Solution

(Author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle killed off his famous creation by having Holmes fall to his death into Reichenbach Falls, in the clutch of his nemesis, the arch-criminal Professor Moriarty.)

(This is the story of how Sherlock Holmes meets his end. To find this you must start at the beginning. Do you know where Holmes and Watson first meet?)

Head Northwest.
The river runs north.
A bit over a mile, tiny parking area, but a sign helps you.
The box is not far.
Take the path along the cascades.
Go up and over, past what is a cliff, almost.
Enjoy the stream, but check out the forest, also.
Near quieter water, a wolf pine will beckon.
Five paces at 170 magnetic may solve the problem.
When you find the detective, be sure to say hi.
I hope you find this search novel, if not ideal.
When done, please take care to conceal.

Hope you enjoyed this. It is a neat little area. I found it idyllic. I hope you do too.

[This is a small area, but with short steep ups and downs that can be slippery - please use caution. YOU WILL WANT TO LOOK BEHIND A STUMP, UNDER SOME FLAT STONES. Also, please bring a black ink pad, or whatever is your fancy.]

[If you want, I can send you a clue, but it might not help, as the solution is only to be found at the end.]