Mike on the Geaux  LbNA # 21176

Placed DateApr 2 2006
LocationThomasville, NC
Planted Bygreeneflyers    
Found By rachmnjays
Last Found May 17 2014
Hike Distance?

Mike the Tiger (the LSU mascot) had been wondering around looking for a place to sit. He found the Biggest Chair he had ever seen...after a nice rest he found a nearby train to hitch a ride to get back to Baton Rouge!!! He left his print on this train. To find this microbox find the "X703" on the train on the track side (not the street side). Look under the "O" on the cross beam over the wheel by the wires. Please bring your own pen and stamp pad. If you have a large stamp only sign the book. Also, PLEASE rehide well and be VERY DISCREET. There is parking along the road and a parking lot by the clock.

GEAUX TIGERS. For more info on Mike the Tiger check out: www.mikethetiger.com

Let us know when you find it and if the book has gotten full.