Bear's Chair  LbNA # 21189

Placed DateApr 2 2006
LocationNew Fairfield, CT
Planted ByTravelingfrog    
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Difficulty: moderate to difficult

Directions: From the center of New Fairfield head North on Rt. 37 toward Sherman. Go 3.8 miles. The road on your left will be Haviland Hollow there is also a sign that says to NY. Turn left onto Haviland Hollow. go apox. .2 miles over road bridge and look to your right for a dirt parking lot and a sign for
Putnam County
Michael Ciaiola
Conservation Area

This box is also listed as a N.Y. state box there are not two different ones. The box is actually located in N.Y. but it is so close to the Ct. border and very easy to find from ct. that I listed it twice.

Park in the parking area and take a look at the map also grab one of the take me maps from the box if there are any. Trails are well marked and directions are pretty easy so if there are no maps you should be ok.
I also suggest a walking stick if you have trouble with steep inclines or bad knees.

Little Bear Headed out for a walk. He had lots of trails to choose from. He liked the red one with the white triangle in the middle of it. The trail was fairly easy and quite pretty. Bear hummed a little tune to him self as he walked along. After a while Bear came to a stone wall with an old wooden gate. Passing over the wall Bear continued on. A bit later he passed over a sometimes dry stream bed. Looking ahead little bear saw what he thought were some very large Salmon in the trail. Sampling them he decided they were just rocks. Moving along he soon came to another stone wall with flat stepping stones to walk through it on.
Soon his trail joined with the red trail. At this juncture Bear turned right heading towards the sound of water. Not far up ahead he spied what looked like a little cabin off to the right of the trail. Heading over to investigate he saw a sign on it that said Walter Merrit campsite. Heading around the right side of the shelter then around back he came upon a waterfall and a very clear pool. Bear thought this was a good place to take a break since he still had a bit of walking to do.
After his break he headed back on to the red trail continuing on in the same direction he had been heading (right). The red trail started heading up hill following the river. Looking around to his left Bear spotted What looked like Papa bears head in the middle of a tree trunk. After passing it a bit and looking back it smiled at him. Continuing along the red trail Bear came to a choice. Here the red trail continues over a stone wall and past a wooden gate and the Blue trail heads off to the left.
Bear decided to take the Blue trail. The Blue trail very quickly starts to climb steeply. After what seems like forever the trail levels out a bit under some pines, where He takes a breather.Moving along the trail continues to climb bear is starting to wonder what made him come this way, up, up and up some more, Bear is breathing hard, where is the top? After some more climbing the trail starts to level out. Looking for a place to rest Bear starts scouting. After a short time Bear spots a Cozy Chair facing S.E. Where he sits to rest and catch his breath. The view is pleasing through the trees and he figures he can have his lunch. Sitting on the Chair he takes out his compass and takes a reading of 100 degrees. Looking in this direction he spots an upright dead tree stump. He heads over to the stump to look for Honey. As Bear leans over to look in the stump in he falls where he decides he just migt take a nap.

Leaving Bear's chair you have two choices. continue on the Blue trail which heads down hill Very Very steep ( This is where the walking stick comes in handy) If you choose this way continue down the Blue trail until it intersects with the Red trail where you will turn right and soon be back at your car.
Your other choice is to go back the way you came still down hill but not quite as steep and I believe a bit longer This would definately be the was to go if there is any ice or snow on the ground.

Happy Hiking
Please let me know how you enjoyed the hike and if my box is well I don't get up there that often