Fisherman's Point  LbNA # 2119

Placed DateApr 4 2001
LocationPerryville, NJ
Found By The Pakrat
Last Found Nov 2 2008
Hike Distance?

Originally planted by PCLG. Adopted with permission by Jersey Trailblazers.

Difficulty: 1/5 stars
Driving time: 20 minutes
Easy hike: 10-minute walk from parking lot to box
Note: This clue begins as a road rally, then turns into a hike on foot. **Some of the waypoints on the road rally may appear a little different today - but I have left the clue in original form as it is still easy enough to follow and the town is a nice place to visit

-The trip starts on Route 78 West. Take Exit 15; at the bottom of the exit make a right on to West Main Street. Go 3/10 of a mile. When you see an Amoco station make a left, and head past the Clinton House. Behind the Clinton House you'll find Clinton falls; make a right, go over the bridge (you'll be on Main Street), park your car and check out the town for a while.

Once you're back in your car, continue down Main Street. At the intersection of Leigh and Main, make a right. At the next light, make another right, back onto West Main Street. Continue until you go under Route 78. Go straight through two traffic lights. Wave to the bad grrlz on your right. You are now on Route 513. If you are here late in the day, keep your eyes open for hot-air balloons.

Make a right onto Perryville Road. Follow this road to the end; at the intersection of Perryville and Main Street, make a right (go over the railroad tracks) and continue onwards. At the stop sign, make a right turn onto Route 625 (Charlestown Road). Just before the traffic light, you'll pass the Perryville Inn on your left (an excellent dining spot). Keep going straight, back over Route 78. Make a right at Van Syckels Road (you'll see a small sign marking Van Syckel's Tavern). After exactly 1.5 miles turn right, between two small wooden posts, into a unpaved grassy parking area.

-Now, on foot: After entering the parking lot, go to the southeast corner. Here, take the left path (do not go to the path on the right, which leads towards the water).

Follow the trail for exactly 200 feet (about 100 paces); the trail will bend gently towards the right. While on the path, you will see a dead tree with 4 (or 5?) dead limbs sticking out of the top. If the brush isn't too thick, you will also see a light blue metal signpost in front of it.

Continue along the path towards the right (you'll pass the tree and signpost on your left). After a few more feet, the path will get narrow and take a sharp left; continue down the path until you hit the waterfront at Fisherman's Point. Go right about 10 paces and reconnect with the path.

Go 15 paces down the path. To your right you'll see a small concrete pit among the trees. Five paces after the pit, follow the trail to the southwest, away from the water. After 10 paces, head off the trail, towards the right to the tree with the significant brush residing at its base. Behind the tree is a pile of rocks where the letterbox lives.

This box has been hidden well to keep it safe. Please rehide it where you found it. Please do not let children rehide box without assistance.
Waiver of Responsibility and Disclaimer:

Letterboxing, like any outdoor sport, carries the risk of various and unforseen hazards (including, but not limited to, deer ticks and poison ivy). The Jersey Trailblazers support a policy of not knowingly placing letterboxes in areas that will create undue risk to the letterbox hunter. However, as conditions may vary, it is the responsibility of the letterbox searcher to become thoroughly familiar with the conditions in the area to be searched, to adequately prepare for those conditions, and to conduct oneself safely and responsibly with respect to those conditions and with respect to his or her personal abilities and limitations. The Jersey Trailblazers and the individual letterbox sponsors assume no liability for events which may occur related directly or indirectly to one's searching for a letterbox. Do not let children hunt for letterboxes unsupervised. By reading and utilizing this letterbox clue, you acknowledge the above conditions, and accept responsibility for your own actions, and agree to hold non-liable the clubs and clue writers/box sponsors, and further, agree to provide this disclaimer to any person with whom you share these letterbox clues.