FFFF  LbNA # 21195

Placed DateApr 2 2006
LocationOoltewah, TN
Found By ST-Ranger
Last Found May 1 2011
Hike Distance?


Exit 11 off I-75. Then parallel 75 northward on the western side. Pass OHS, then the pond, and you'll reach Production. At Production's end will be the menagerie. Please stay outside the fence since the ringmaster has expressed the desire that his employees remain uninterrupted. To find the cache, first find the ferrous feline finished feeding. Next, walk a bearing of 327° to the proud queen's stair case and stand at the cusp of the bottom step. Then, walk a bearing of 116° to the peddler. Count the dancers on the bottom dreadlock and divide that number by three. Double the results and count clockwise that many paraders behind the peddler. Then walk a magnetic heading of about 165° for 14 steps.